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This is your chance to share about your health, dreams and your highest life path. Please provide as much DETAIL in your answers as possible to help me serve you better.  Once your application is approved, I'll be setting up a call with you personally.
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The Enlightened Body System 90 Day group healing course and live event are for women and men who would like the most efficient and personally meaningful path to growth and self-healing, and are ready and willing to take big leaps.  There is, of course, a tuition investment to participate. Please select the statement below that best describes your current level of commitment to make an investment in yourself with no drama, no delay, and no "stories," just a focus on getting results. (Your answer to this question doesn't obligate you to anything and if you're selected a few different payment options are available). *

If we're a good fit to work together, we want your results to surpass your wildest dreams. What do you "bring to the table" in a small group setting? Why do you think you would be a good fit? *

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